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Cat Helps Four Baby Squirrels Needing Comfort Before Release To Mother

Source: Shareably

Rescuing Baby Squirrels Outside - Reunion With Mother After 4 Days - Happy ending story.

He rescues four baby squirrels in need of help, doesn't expect his cat to fall in love with them!

During wild storms, we have to remember that it's not just us that can be adversely impacted. Often, the ones that are most at risk are our furry friends who get blown out of the trees, or have their habitats destroyed and struggle to find a safe passage home.

An animal rescuer called Peter noticed that this had happened during a terrible cyclone near his property. Peter found four baby squirrels in a nest that had been knocked from a tree and realized that they were in need of urgent attention.

Peter took it upon himself to nurse these squirrels back to health – but not without some help from his cat Netty.

Peter syringe fed the babies and provided them with loving care around the clock. His cat Netty who was a rescue herself was curious about them, so Peter decided to introduce them to each other.

After a few sniffs and licks, Netty fell in love with the squirrels and began snuggling with them – taking on her role as their adoptive mother.

It seemed as though Netty was trying to give them the same love and protection she received when she was rescued.

“We heard the mother squirrel sound around our neighbours home. She was searching for her babies. We kept the nest outside the window," said Peter.

He had hopes that the babies cries would be loud enough for the mom to hear, so she could come and collect them, and sure enough – she did!

"The mother squirrel had come around our home, but the weather outside was so bad to give back her babies." Peter decided it would be best to wait for a few days until the weather cleared up.

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