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Gruesome Moment Vet Pulls 2 HUGE Parasites Out Kitten's Ear & Neck

Source: Mirror, UK

The vet yanks a cuterebra larva from the animal's ear before removing another one burrowed deep into its neck.


A vet removed two huge cuterebra larvae from a kitten's ear and NECK in this gruesome footage.

The medic is seen holding the poor animal tightly before using a pair of scissors to yank the parasite from its ear.

The kitten screams in pain throughout, as the vet tries to calm her, saying: "hold on little buddy, your pain medicine will be kicking in soon now."

He then pulls out another huge larva from the kitten's neck, leaving her with two gaping wounds.

As the vet zooms in on the still wriggling creatures, the tiny cat can be heard in the background crying out in pain.

The footage, filmed at an unknown vet practice in Florence, Kentucky, USA, was uploaded to YouTube.

According to the poster, the animal was brought in after being found in a car park.

They wrote: "A good Samaritan brought the young kitten in, that he had found in the parking lot at Loreal in Florence, KY.

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