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Ingenious Or Lazy? Cat Owner Finds Way To Get Puss Indoors

Source: Mirror, UK

The beautiful white fluffy moggy was happy to be saved and kept calm during the rescue mission and didn't try and make a break for it in basket.

A clever owner came up with a way to rescue his pet cat which had escaped from a first floor apartment, and he didn't even have to leave his home.

With the help of a wicker basket and a rope he managed to convince the puss to jump in so he could pull her up.

The cat had jumped out from the first floor apartment and was enjoying her new found freedom.

Her owner had already thrown some food down to the moggy, which it lapped up but made no attempt to try to get home.

It was only when the basket was lowered that the beautiful white fluffy pet decided to jump in.

She also sat very still during the journey back up and didn't once attempt to make a break for it.

The rescue operation, which some are calling lazy as the owner could have gone down and collected the cat, took place in the Russian city of Yaroslavl.

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