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Siamese Cat Takes On Two Chihuahua Puppies That Need A Mother

Source: YouTube

She hands a mama cat abandoned Chihuahua babies, doesn't expect cat to adopt them as her own.

Debra Cantwell is the adoption coordinator at SPCA. Back in 2014, her team came across a pregnant chihuahua who gave birth to her babies prematurely. Because of how early the birth happened, two babies did not make it. The other two were rejected by their mother, and the SPCA needed a quick plan to help these babies get the care and love they needed to survive.

With quick thinking, Cantwell and her team passed the Chihuahua babies on to the nursing cat upstairs. They hoped that she would accept them as her own babies. The Siamese cat instantly fell in love, and she nursed and raised them as her own.

In the video, you can see the mother cat and her adorable Chihuahua babies. She has strong maternal instincts, and from her gaze, you can tell just how much she cares about her cats.

It's fascinating to see animals love each other despite their species. As humans, we can learn a lot from them!

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