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Vets Tell Family That Kitten They Found Is A Rare Fishing Cat

Source: Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand


Simba, the rare Fishing Cat kitten.

There are few things sadder than seeing a stray animal struggling to survive on its own. When that animal is still a baby, its circumstances are even more dire. Luckily, rescue organizations and good Samaritans can step in to help when a stray is found.

A family in Thailand recently found a kitten lying in the street alone. Wanting to help, the family called a local wildlife organization to come and see what they could do. That's when they learned that the animal they had found was no ordinary kitten…

A Thai family recently noticed a stray kitten lying in the road in front of their home. Upon further inspection they realized that it wasn't just a domestic kitten.

The family called a local rescue group Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand. When the rescuers arrived they quickly realized that the kitten was actually a South East Asian species of cat known as a fishing cat and that it was on the brink of extinction.

The rescuers couldn't comprehend why the kitten had been discovered without its mother. "Upon arrival we were surprised to find a tiny fishing cat kitten that was clearly only born a few hours ago," a person from WFFT said.

As it turned out, the rescuers realized that the family who discovered the kitten had previously fostered its mother before releasing her back into the wild. Hence why she felt comfortable giving birth to her litter in front of their home.

Earlier in the day the family had noticed the mother cat moving her new litter of kittens to a safe spot and that's when she dropped the discovered kitten. They waited a while for the mother to come back for her lost kitten, though she never did.

Rescuers from the WFFT arrived and brought the kitten to their wildlife hospital and named him Simba.

Rescuers say it's very important that Simba survives, not only for his own good, but also because fishing cats are on the brink of extinction.

"The fishing cat faces a high risk of extinction throughout its range and is thought to be amongst the most vulnerable of the small and medium-sized cats in Southeast Asia," a representative from WFFT said.

Veterinarians noted that Simba appears to be quite the fighter! At just over two days old, he is well on his way to making a full recovery.

"For now, he is under round the clock care from our vet team, spending his time in a special incubator that creates a perfect environment where his special needs can be met," staff at WFFT said. "For now, he is good, we will have to wait and see what the coming days will bring."

It's great that the family was able to get Simba the attention he so desperately needed. Let's hope that he makes a full and speedy recovery.

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