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Rescued Cat With Jarr Stuck On Head Dies After Giving Birth

Source: Daily Mail, UK


Skippy was found on Monday with her head stuck in a plastic peanut butter jar.

A stray cat found earlier this week with its head stuck in a peanut butter jar has been euthanized, but not before giving birth to a litter of adorable kittens.

The cat, named Skippy by San Jacinto shelter workers, gave birth Tuesday to four cute kittens: Peanut, Butter, Jelly and Honey. Skippy was later euthanized.

She was found Monday by a woman and her nephew who saw the cat near their home.

After calling Animal Services, officer Carra Mathewson arrived at their home to cut the container off.

Shelter workers discovered that Skippy was infested with maggots, had spots of dead tissue, was malnourished and dehydrated.

The stray skinny black cat was named Skippy by Alyssa Cline and her nephew.

After trying to get the jar off with some scissors, they ended up having to call Riverside County Animal Services for assistance.

Alyssa and Charlie managed to get the cat into a crate in their garage while they waited for animal services to arrive.

Once that cat was finally free, they wrapped the kitty in a blanket.

Sadly, the cat had to be put down due to her condition, according to the Riverside Press-Enterprise.

Skippy Kitten

One of the kittens being fed. Four kittens named Peanut, Butter, Jelly and Honey were born before she died.

Mother and daughter, Diane Chase and Elizabeth Coyle have now volunteered to care for the four newborn kittens for the next few months.

They will be warming the kitties up and bottle feeding them about every two hours.

The mostly black kittens will live with their foster moms for about two months and must weigh two pounds each before they are returned to the shelter for adoption.

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