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Strange! Are These Turkeys Performing A Ritual For A Dead Cat?

Source: YouTube

This video has had people asking the question, "What are these turkeys doing?"

The short clip uploaded to Twitter by J. Davis from Boston, US, shows a dead cat in the middle of the street.

A flock of turkeys is then seen circling the dead animal, not to eat the cat or even go near it, but just to go around it like some form of ritual. In fact, the birds almost keep a consistent distance from the roadkill. It is also uncertain how long this circling behaviour went on as the video cuts out after 24 seconds.

The viral video has freaked people out as many have never seen this form of behaviour in turkeys.

The bizarre video has gone viral and some experts have theorised that the turkeys were probably circling the dead cat thinking that it was still alive and wanted to scare it away.

Other experts say the turkeys may have just been curious.

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