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Cat Adopted After It Was Found Wrapped To Package Inside UPS Truck

Source: YouTube

UPS Driver heard miaows coming from truck, then found a kitten shrink-wrapped to a package.

An UPS truck driver heard miaows coming from the back of his truck, so he got out to check what it was. He crawled around with a flash light, and thatís when he saw a kitten shrink-wrapped to the top of a package.

The kitten, who is estimated to be only five to seven weeks old, had been without food or water for nearly a week before he was found. The truck was loaded in Chicago four days before, so he was on that truck for at least four days.

The kitten was immediately taken to Park Animal Hospital in Memphis to be examined. They nursed him back to health and did a thorough search for his new forever home. Kirk Williams saw the poor cat on the news, and knew he had to adopt him. He believes the kitty will be the perfect little companion to his disabled son.

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