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I Feed My Cat & Dog Origen Does Anyone Else?

I am a proud owner of a cat and dog who are extremely friendly with each other. One is a Pug and the other is a ginger tabby cat. I got them around the same sort of time and they are great friends and always respect each other. I haven't had any real problems with them apart from changing their diet and their annual trips to the vet. What I like to share with others on here is that I am currently using a pet food called Orijen dog food. They also sell a cat range and since I can buy them from the same place and I know that they like them I have been sticking with this brand now for quite a few years.


I started with this on my Pug, because I wanted to give him a variation in his diet and they seemed to offer some different meat and fish dishes. I started off with Orijen's puppy food range, which he really got along with, so I decided to continue feeding him. I mainly use this brand for their wet pouches of meat that they offer and will usually mix in another brand of dry non-cereal-based foods for him and my tabby to eat for breakfast. I give this brand to them mostly but I do change it every now and again just to give them some difference. I also mix in some leftovers from my food sometimes to give them a treat.


I was really impressed with Orijen's cat food because they have six different types of fresh fish to choose from. And I will say, although I've never actually tasted it myself it does look to be of a high quality that even I could eat. They do add some preservatives in there to stop the pouches going off but nothing harmful and the manufacturer claims that they never freeze the fish - keeping it as fresh as possible. All I know is my cat absolutely loves it and eats it up every time I give it to him.

Has anyone bought Orijen before and used their fish range for both dogs and cats?

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