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Responsible Animal Ownership


The government are very aware of the problems caused by irresponsible pet ownership and there are quite a number of laws throughout the various states and provinces of the world that pet owners need to adhere to.

Many parents buy their children an animal for a birthday or at Christmas, but unfortunately some people don't put any thought what so ever into what they are buying. Animal rescue centres are full of unwanted animals that families found were unsuitable once they got them home.

You need to choose a pet that will suit your home and your family and it isn't difficult. For instance; if you want a cat, but you don't have a lot of time, or money to dedicate to grooming, then pick a short haired cat. If you enjoy sitting with a cat on your knee, then make sure the cat you pick likes affection and if you want more than one cat, be sure that both cats get along with each other.

Dogs are less independent that cats, you should be sure that you can spend time with your new pet. Dogs need to be walked regularly and they prefer company. If you are out of the house all day at work, your dog might start chewing at the furniture out of boredom. Be aware of the dog's eventual size. All puppies are small and cute, but if it grows into a large dog and you only have a small home, or a limited budget for feeding, you're going to have a problem. The same rules on spending apply to any animal that you adopt into your life and love as a family member, some helpful tips on how to spoil your cat without hurting your finances will make some useful reading for those of you out there.

Responsible pet ownership means having your cat or dog micro chipped. It is a painless procedure, which can be carried out by your vet and it means that should your animal get lost, it can be identified and you will be notified. It doesn't cost a great deal, but if you're all spent up until the next pay day.

Neutering your pet is also important, especially for cats as they are able to roam. Cats can become pregnant whilst they are still very young. Neutered cats are usually calmer and stay at home more. They don't spray and encourage other cats to come looking for them, or cry to get out.

Although it is easier to control a dog on heat, neutering will stop any nervous activity and mess. They won't be trying to escape and in most cases, a dog's health will benefit from being neutered.

In certain places you can have your animal neutered free of charge of you are on a low income bracket, however you must provide proof of eligibility.

Owning an animal is proven to reduce stress and blood pressure. If you have an active pet you'll also benefit from all that extra walking and playing, so choose your pet carefully and enjoy the companionship, happiness and all the associated health benefits that come with them.

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