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Took all of Beauty's Renal Diet food to a local no kill shelter, and other food and treats. While I was there I was introduced to an 11 month old neutered longhaired tabby female cat that was in a large cage all on her own. She was absolutely terrified of everything. I immediately said I would take her.


She came home with me and was petrified. I left her alone to scout around and get her bearings. Eventually I lay down on the floor and allowed her to walk all over me, this is the fastest way to win a cat's trust, with a little 'cat whispering' it took all of 30 minutes... I won!

Fed her a 100 gram pack of wet food, she scoffed the lot and cleaned the bowl, she is a little skinny and needs more weight. Gave her a small handful of dry food and she scoffed that as well four hours later. And she has found the litter tray!

She parades herself up and down the room and is very affectionate. So her new name is naturally... Sassy.

Padraig & Sassy + Beauty in spirit ^..^

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