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Tropical Treatment - Dental Care For Your Pets


A study has shown that adding coconut oil to your cat's food may help reduce dental problems...

Coconut oil is thought to be anti-bacterial, but until now there had been little evidence to show what this meant for pet health.

The study, published in The Journal of Small Animal Practice, looked at the effect of applying either a known powerful dental product or fats found in coconut oil to canine and feline teeth.

The researchers discovered that the fats were just as effective at reducing dental pathogens – killing 70 percent of them – as the dental product, thus providing a natural, chemical free, alternative dental product for pet owners. Easily added to normal feed, the oil may have several other benefits for animal health too – with studies having shown it could be beneficial for canine brain health and may help with weight management.

Which coconut oil?

Coconoil is one of the highest quality coconut oils available. Not only is the oil organic, so no nasties have been added, but it is cold pressed, meaning the coconut flesh effectively has the oil squeezed out of it - many other coconut oils are prepared using high heat, which can be detrimental to some of its health benefits. Furthermore it has high levels of lauric acid, the fatty acid thought to be responsible for most of coconut oils benefits.

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