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Zodiac Moggies

Astrology for Cats

Astrology is the study of apparent events and happenings between certain events on Earth and the positions of the Sun, Moon and eight planets. Astrology, especially when relating to cats, is open to a lot of interpretation. It's more a matter of considering how your cat might behave in a given situation than predicting what it will actually do. So, when confronted with a bowl of goldfish, we might say that a Scorpio cat would likely feel jealous at the intrusion of another pet into the household, whilst an Aquarius cat would probably be fascinated by the strange, new, orange creatures. Knowing these aspects of their personalities, we might hazard a guess as to what each cat would then do with the fish, though this would of course be its own decision!

Aries     Taurus     Gemini

Cancer     Leo     Virgo

Libra     Scorpio     Sagittarius

Capricorn     Aquarius     Pisces

Aries  Aries    21 March - 19 April

The Ram

"Mark every corner, climb every tree" might well be the motto of the Aries, or ramcat; a stubborn cat who knows what it wants and wants it now. Always first to the food bowl, always first through the cat flap, always first to the comfy chair - you get the picture. The Aries cat is a fiercely independent creature, fully qualified to look after itself. That's not to say it doesn't enjoy attention - it does, and you'll know when it wants it - but you won't find yourself constantly besieged by pitiful, lonely miaows at all times of the day.

Arrogance is a trait often attributed to cats in general, but the Aries cat is especially noted for its high-held tail and executive manner. Attempts to entertain the ramcat with pieces of string or other household debris will be greeted with a disdainful lack of interest - this cat needs to be challenged.

Compatible Owners: Leo, Sagittarius
Purrfect Partners: Leo, Sagittarius
Catastrophic Companions: Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, Aries
Favourite Food: Fish and anything he finds for himself
Best Attribute: Enthusiasm
Worst Attribute: Impatience

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Taurus  Taurus    20 April - 20 May

The Bull

For the bullcat it's "comfort over all". Never one to roam or stray unless it's entirely necessary, the Taurus cat will always be found in or around its favourite spots - whether lounging on the window ledge or curled up on your pillow. One of the more easy going catsigns, the bull makes a great house cat; a stable, friendly and down to earth creature who will get along with just about anyone. As long as it's comfortable, it'll be a loyal and dependable companion.

The downside of all this is the tendency towards sloth and greediness. In its cosy corner, with its favourite things scattered around it, the bullcat may need to be encouraged into exercise, occasionally chased around the house for its own good.

Compatible Owners: Gemini, Libra
Purrfect Partners: Virgo, Capricorn
Catastrophic Companions: Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio
Favourite Food: Almost anything, but are partial to sardines
Best Attribute: Good Naturedness
Worst Attribute: Stubborn

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Gemini  Gemini    21 May - 21 June

The Twins

The Gemini, or duocat, is an intriguing animal whose actions may sometimes seem unfathomable to the human mind. But do not be deceived, the Gemini's a smart one to be sure, and should always be considered fully aware of what it is doing, even if it looks stupid. The Gemini cat needs regular stimulation - in its curious eyes, everything has potential to be toyed with. But not for long, it's attention span is notoriously short-lived. It will often be the duocat that is first to work out the latch on the food cupboard or how to use the remote control and watch television when it feels like it (though it may have difficulties sticking to a channel).

Generally, the duocat will be a constantly fascinating, if at times demanding, companion. Geminis thrive on communication, so prepare to give this cat a lot of attention and hear its opinion on everything from its food to the music you are listening to. Living with a Gemini cat should be a rewarding and educational experience, just as long as you don't think you can outsmart it.

Compatible Owners: Sagittarius, Capricorn
Purrfect Partners: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini
Catastrophic Companions: Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces
Favourite Food: Fussy eaters, but prefer chicken to most foods.
Best Attribute: Friendliness
Worst Attribute: Demanding

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Cancer  Cancer    22 June - 22 July

The Crab

The Cancer cat is perhaps the most sensitive kitty in the Zodiac. It will feel every harsh word you say about it, it will remember every time you shut it out in the cold; but hopefully it will understand and forgive you. If treated with respect the crabcat will be an ideal companion; sensing when you're feeling down, it will do whatever it can to blow away the clouds. Once you have won a place in its heart, you will never want to leave.

A strong maternal, caring instinct means that the Cancer cat is particularly good with children and other young animals, even of other species - though obviously caution is advised with small rodents. Ruled by the moon, you can expect the Cancer cat to enjoy regular late night, moonlit prowls, so this is not an indoor cat, though it will still expect and require all the comforts of a good home when it comes back inside.

Compatible Owners: Scorpio, Aquarius
Purrfect Partners: Scorpio, Pisces
Catastrophic Companions: Libra, Capricorn, Aries
Favourite Food: Whatever you are eating
Best Attribute: Devotion
Worst Attribute: Sulky

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Leo  Leo    23 July - 22 August

The Lion

Not surprisingly, the Leo cat probably best fits the popular conception of the domestic feline - proud, dignified and occasionally dominating. With the sun as its ruler, the Leo must be able to roam freely outside, exposing the rest of the world to its grandeur. Wherever the Leo cat is, it will make sure that all eyes are always firmly on it - and they will be. This regal creature demands to be the centre of attention. Anyone not showing a suitable amount of interest will be swiftly transformed into a comfortable cushion or rubbing post.

The Leo is a predominantly happy cat, but its flamboyant, quick tempered nature makes it susceptible to scraps with local troublemakers, though it will rarely seek trouble itself. Despite its tendency towards self-indulgence, the Leo cat will be a devoted companion and a solidly reassuring, larger than life presence to have around the home.

Compatible Owners: Aries, Leo
Purrfect Partners: Sagittarius, Aries
Catastrophic Companions: Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus
Favourite Food: Only the best of everything
Best Attribute: Loyalty
Worst Attribute: Haughtiness

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Virgo  Virgo    23 August - 22 September

The Maiden

This is an enigmatic cat, earthy yet fastidious, mercurial but exacting, it's a wonder it isn't permanently lost in a cloud of contradiction. The Virgo is most likely to be found carefully poised on a window ledge, grooming itself extremely thoroughly. Clean, tidy and careful not to cause trouble or mess, these cats make ideal indoor companions; you won't have to worry about shredded curtains or smashed pots with a Virgo cat in the household.

Perhaps because it is so impeccably behaved, the Virgo cat has a tendency to be slightly insecure and have trouble relaxing, so it is best suited to a quiet household where it would be treated gently and with affection.

Compatible Owners: Gemini, Cancer
Purrfect Partners: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo
Catastrophic Companions: Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini
Favourite Food: Cat Biscuits
Best Attribute: Intelligence
Worst Attribute: Unpredictability

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Libra  Libra    23 September - 23 October

The Scales

This peaceful, friendly, naturally sociable feline makes an ideal family house cat, and one that will act as a soothing presence during times of stress and difficulty. It will always want to be part of the social scene, whether clowning with kids, or curled up on the sofa in front of the television.

A quiet, unassuming cat, the Libra will always strive to keep out of trouble, perhaps to the extent of timidity in some situations. You probably won't have to worry about this cat performing dangerous acrobatics or leaping tall buildings in a single bound. The Libra's desire for peace and quiet may occasionally look like laziness, and it may require encouragement in some matters, such as going outside or leaving the sofa. Clean, tidy and conscientious, the Libra cat requires regular attention, but this is a small price to pay for having such a beneficial influence around the home.

Compatible Owners: Scorpio, Capricorn
Purrfect Partners: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra
Catastrophic Companions: Capricorn, Aries, Cancer
Favourite Food: Constantly varied diet
Best Attribute: Easy going nature
Worst Attribute: Will attack dogs

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Scorpio  Scorpio    24 October - 21 November

the Scorpion

This powerful, mysterious cat is definitely not one to be trifled with. Do not be fooled by the cool, controlled, aloof surface; inside is a seething mass of emotions. It may not have a sting in its tail, but beware the scratch in its paw. Initially the Scorpio cat may appear unapproachable and suspicious, and it probably will be. But once you have assured it of your good intentions and gained its trust, you will find the cat to be a devoted and endlessly fascinating companion.

Its intense emotional capacity means that the cat requires a lot of affection. It is also prone to extreme jealousy and so may be happiest as a single pet, always on the receiving end of your undivided attention. Famous for both their forceful libido and their ability to get what they want, it may be worth considering sterilising the Scorpio cat unless you want (depending on its sex) multiple kittens or a well-sprayed sofa.

Compatible Owners: Everyone
Purrfect Partners: Pisces, Cancer
Catastrophic Companions: Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio
Favourite Food: Rump Steak
Best Attribute: Personality Plus
Worst Attribute: Can be naughty at times

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Sagittarius  Sagittarius    22 November - 21 December

The Archer

An independent, friendly feline, the Sagittarius is a happy-go-lucky creature that should brighten up any household. Lively and outgoing, it will always tell you its opinion of a situation, whether you want to hear it or not. Often fuelled by a deep-seated wanderlust, this cat, more than any, needs the freedom to roam and explore its environment. Kept cooped-up indoors it will become restless and start exploring cupboards and fridges, probably making a mess in the process.

This cat enjoys exploring inner space as much as it does the outside world, so don't be surprised to find it meditating, deep in thought on top of a wardrobe - a state that will look like sleep to the uninitiated, but is actually an intensely involved process.

Compatible Owners: Pisces, Aries
Purrfect Partners: Aries, Leo
Catastrophic Companions: Pisces, Gemini, Virgo
Favourite Food: Prefer meat to fish but like a change often
Best Attribute: They make you laugh
Worst Attribute:     Not very Graceful

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Capricorn  Capricorn    22 December - 19 January

The Goat

This quiet, sensitive cat will probably feel most comfortable curled up on your knee, far away from all the troubles and dangers of the outside world. Don't expect the Capricat to be out roaming the streets or hills; it won't be wanting to stray too far from the security of home, though it may find a favourite spot under a tree in the garden.

A creature of habit, this cat will want its food available at the same time and place each day. Such inherent stability makes it an easy cat to live with and look after, though being slightly lacking in self-assurance it will require a great deal of affection and attention. Definitely a no-fuss pet, you won't have problems with this one poring through dust bins or knocking over potted plants. An ideal indoor companion.

Compatible Owners: Taurus, Aquarius
Purrfect Partners: Taurus, Virgo
Catastrophic Companions: Aries, Cancer, Libra
Favourite Food: Not fussy, may enjoy your leftovers occasionally
Best Attribute: Calm and Quiet
Worst Attribute: A bit snobby

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Aquarius  Aquarius    20 January - 18 February

The Waterbearer

Does your cat spend more time staring in fascination at the shape and texture of its food than actually eating it? Does it just watch flies buzzing around its head, rather than trying to catch them? If so, it may well be an Aqaurian. Impulsive and intuitive, the Aquacat will never fail to surprise you with its amusing, and often thought provoking, antics. While they may seem silly and pointless at the time, you'll find yourself looking back on them days later and discovering hidden depths of meaning.

Occasionally highly strung, the Aquarian cat will need lots of space to roam and express itself in, though in the outside world it may be prone to get into fights with local cats who dislike its eccentric ways. Not the most affectionate of companions, this cat won't require too much attention, though it may well need a lot of clearing up done after it. Don't ever leave it near open paint pots unless you are an aficionado of paw-painting.

Compatible Owners: Cancer, Scorpio
Purrfect Partners: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Catastrophic Companions: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio
Favourite Food: Mice
Best Attribute: Their free spirit
Worst Attribute: Hunting and killing

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Pisces  Pisces    19 February - 20 March

The Fishes

On the surface an easygoing, outgoing, relaxed kitty, the fishcat may well be hiding a great deal of insecurity and the need for constant approval. It will definitely require its own personal space, both inside and outside the house. A somewhat confused creature, this cat will never be quite sure whether it wants to be alone and peaceful, or the centre of attention, surrounded by admirers. That said it will be a very affectionate companion, so long as it's attentions are always acknowledged and returned.

The Pisces cat is a dreamer, much of whose time is spent far away in catland. Usually to be found staring transfixedly out of the window at nothing in particular, or watching something on the wall that nobody else can see. It should be very useful for predicting earthquakes and other impending natural disasters. Despite its watery associations, unless your Pisces cat is a Turkish Van, don't expect it to enjoy bath times more than any other feline.

Compatible Owners: Virgo,  Taurus
Purrfect Partners: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Catastrophic Companions: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius
Favourite Food: Fish (of course)
Best Attribute: Loving Nature
Worst Attribute: Lack Concentration

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