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Cute Kitty Competition

August 2000 Cute Kitty Competition Winner. Thanks to all who voted for Beauty. Beauty sends you purrs & headbutts!

Beautys Page

Miaow... oops! Er, hello purr-son.

My majestic name is Beauty, a beautiful black and white male tom. I have great fun training my Human companion who is named Patrick (my pet name for him is extra special slave!). My favourite pastime is awakening him at 4:30 AM to play, and head-butting him if he ignores me.

My hobbies are:

  1. Sleeping.
  2. Eating.
  3. Purring.
  4. Checking to see if my dish has food in it.
  5. Asking why my dish doesn't have food in it.
  6. Looking indignant when it is pointed out to me that I have a full dish of food.
  7. Dozing.
  8. Gazing out the window.
  9. Staring intently at nothing.
  10. Resting.
  11. Flopping at people's feet demanding to be loved.
  12. Tearing small stuffed animals to shreds.
  13. Snoozing.
  14. Headbutting.
  15. Chasing insects.
  16. Cat Napping.

Catnap time... ZZZzzzzzz

I have learnt over many hours how to use this demented piece of hardware that's known as a computer - it's so hard to type with ones paw! As for the MOUSE - not a squeak!

I asked for fish! Where is it?What do you think of my picture? I'm always checking out the bags for any possible goodies or toys! Oh, I know, I'm a handsome devil.

Catnap time... ZZZzzzzzz

Thats better, had some lovely fresh chicken - burp...

My slave has gone out to where slaves go to - where is that?

MOTH ALERT!!!! Mrrrooow! Gotcha!

Yummy, I love moths in my tummy!

Preening time, or should I say hair-shedding time?

Now what can I do? A nice bit of hampering sounds just about right! A bit of ankle batting? Maybe a good stretch on some purr-sons thigh, my claws are just sharp enough!

Purrrrrrrrrrrr - Majestic Wag-A-Lot Beauty - Now for that Catnap!

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