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Beauty's Page

In 1993 I lost a lovely female ginger cat named Puska, who sadly died from internal problems. I was advised by a close friend to take another moggy to help with the grief of losing Puska - it worked!

Born 21st July 1993 - Beauty came to me in the month of September 1993 at the age of 8 weeks old; "he" was somehow considered to be a "she" - it was quite a surprise I had when Beauty was taken to the Vets for neutering.

Beauty is a very loving moggy, after about four meetings with strangers Beauty will suddenly take a great liking to them, sitting on them, purring to them and getting up to general cat hampering - especially shedding!

Where's that mouse gone?When Beauty was very young his hampering included sitting on top of the computer monitor chasing anything that moved on the screen, his favourite was of course "the elusive mouse".

Present hampering activities include chasing water droplets from the shower, going like a bat out of hell around the lounge, batting my ankles, hiding my pens and anything else he can get his teeth into. One of his favourite games is checking out the shopping bags for any goodies.

Now for that catnap!Most mornings I get awakened by Beauty giving my chin a lick or tap with his paw, this generally happens when the birds start their early morning chorus (in the Spring and Summer this can be as early as 4:30 am!). It's also his way of saying he wants to play fetch and carry; yes! some cats will play fetch and carry. He also likes head-butting me in the face!

Another favourite game of Beauty's is to play hide and seek in the bed and under the bed, and always when I want to make the bed or change the sheets.

The one thing that fascinates me about beauty is his eyes, they are very expressive and always alert to the slightest commotion. Also, his mischievous nature is contagious, and no-one can help but love him.

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