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Book of Catnaps!

If you are interested in learning more about cats, the books below have my personal recommendation.

The Unadulterated Cat

 The Unadulterated Cat

Author: Terry Pratchett
Cartoons by: Gray Jolliffe
Published by Orion books
ISBN 0-75283-715-X

From the back-cover of the book:

The Real Cat...

The Mysterious Cat

 The Mysterious Cat

Feline Myth & Magic Through the Ages

Author: Joan Moore
Published by Piatkus
ISBN 0-7499-2037-8

Cats have always held a special place in the human imagination, generating a wealth of myths, legends and superstitions. Now these fascinating traditions have been gathered together by cat expert Joan Moore.

 Benjamin's World - by Shari Nocks Gladstone.

Benjamin's World - The story of a cat from kitten days to adult life. It is told in "kitten thought" - a universal language everyone from children to adults will understand. The book was written for adult cat lovers but has been taken over by young readers who delight in following Benjy through his adventures and misadventures.

Benjy is a pampered feline who appears big and brave on the outside but is a wimp at heart who runs to his "people" for protection at the slightest provocation. Eventually, a little waifling - Lili - comes to join the family and alleviate some of his loneliness.

About the Author: Shari Nocks Gladstone is a senior citizen currently residing on Long Island in New York State. As a child she dreamed of being a writer, but other priorities took over. Immediately after retirement, however, she returned to her original dream. Starting a new career at 60+... she has been eminently successful as a freelance writer and columnist.

Benjamin's World is published by Biographical Press in Prospect, Connecticut - E-Mail: it retails for $10.00 and is available at Barnes and Noble, Borders and other book stores - or on line at

ISBN Number: 0963724010 (paperback)

Order online at
Usually ships in 24 hours - Published 1996 - Price: $10

  The Perfect Kitten - Published by Hamlyn an imprint of Reed Books Ltd (UK)

Authors Peter Neville and Claire Bessant have given us the the purr-fect book for kitten owners and would-be kitten owners who want to know how to bring their kitten up to be a happy, well-behaved, friendly cat.

The Perfect Kitten provides essential information on caring for kittens, emphasizing prevention rather than cure, and explaining how this predator adopts to modern life with humans. Follow Peter Neville and Claire Bessant's easy-to-understand advice and you should have no trouble with problem cat behaviour, such as furniture scratching or indoor marking, when your cat is fully grown.

Full coloured photographs illustrate subjects such as socialization, handling and grooming, house-training, prevention of behaviour problems and more.

ISBN Number: 0-600-59152-2 (hardback)

  Moggies - Published by Kingdom Books Limited (UK)

Books, all about us! We're Famous!

In Moggies, Marrianne Mays displays her usual thorough knowledge and love of cats. She shows how the humble "moggy" is as deserving of love and care as the noblest pedigree cat, and gives comprehensive advice on feeding, grooming, health care and showing.

Marrianne is a qualified Veterinary Nurse. She was born and brought up in Sweden, moving to England in 1988 when she married Nick Mays, a freelance writer and expert on small animals. Marrianne and Nick live in Doncaster (UK) with daughters Rebecca and Melanie, and an ever-increasing number of cats, dogs and other furry companions.

ISBN Number: 185279024-5 (hardback)

  The Complete CAT Book - Paddy Cutts - Published by Parragon

A comprehensive manual for all cat owners - includes chapters on Cat Characteristics; How to Choose a Cat; Caring for your Cat; Safekeeping of Cats; Breeding; and Health Care, with over 400 full-colour photographs.

ISBN: 0-75252-155-1 (hardback)
ISBN: 0-75252-166-7 (softback)

  Understanding CATS - Roger Tabor - Published by David and Charles

Cat expert Roger Tabor reveals why cats behave as they do, and shows how we can learn to understand and appreciate their impact on our lives, with over 150 full-colour photographs.

ISBN: 0-7153-0308-2 (hardback)
ISBN: 0-7153-0847-5 (softback)

  CATWATCHING and CATLORE - Desmond Morris - Published by Arrow Books Limited

Desmond Morris has done a wonderful job in dispeling myths and untruths, Desmond also answers many questions about cats.

ISBN: 0-09-922901-3 (softback)

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