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Website: Jamcusa Maine Coons & Ozinuk Australian Mists

Ownewr/breeder: Jane Lord

Jamcusa is a small hobby breeder in the South West of the UK. Breeding mostly tabbies, in most colours, with and without white. Maine Coons invaded my life in 1994. My prefix is registered with the GCCF and TICA and an application for FB registration is the next. I am a breeder member of the Maine Coon Cat Club, a Founder Breeder member of Coontica and Breeder Member of the Aristocats Club. Our kittens are raised in our home and socialised with other cats, children, dog and husband. Registered with GCCF, vaccinated and insured with 6 weeks Complimentary Pet Plan insurance, kittens leave here at 13 weeks old, very confident little souls.

Location: Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Contact information:


Tel: +44 (0)1452-723151 (UK)

Picture: Jamcusa Nell Goowynn (Blue Tortie Tabby aged 2 years old)
Nell Goowyn

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