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Birman Cat Breeders

Picturepurfect Birmans

Owner/breeder: Mrs April Caton VN

Location: Norwich, UK

Details: GCCF registered breeder with two blue point queens who are tested negative for FIV/FeLV. Kittens raised in family environment by veterinary nurse. All kittens registered, vaccinated, insured and microchipped.

Contact information:

Picture: Adfurlo Blue Topaz Boy (DOB July 2004).

GCCF registered Breeder located in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. Working with Grand Champion lines, mainly in Seal, Chocolate, Dilute and Tabbies.

Owner/Breeder: Maria Bunina

Location: Oxfordshire, United Kingdom.

Contact information:
Tel: 01491-578538

Picture: Edelweiss (Birman)

AthosVanaheim Birmans & Norwegian Forest Cats


Breeder of blue series, red and cream NFC's and Blue, Seal, Lilac & Chocolate Birmans.

Owner/Breeder: Lindsey & Don

Hanslope a little village just north of Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom.

Contact information:

Picture: Blue Point Birman Pr Vanaheim Athos. Website: Feanor Birmans

Registered with CFCCQ Inc. Specialising in the redfactor.

Contact information:

Picture: Four little Birman kittens.

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