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Desert Lynx - Bobcat Hybrid
Highland Lynx - Bobcat/Jungle Curl Hybrid
Mokave Lynx - Lynx Hybrid

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Desert Lynx

Highland Lynx

Highland Lynx

Mokave Lynx

Mokave Lynx
Website: Mokave Lynx & Bengals

Desert Lynx cats are bobcat hybrids with at least 12.5% bobcat in them. Highland Lynx cats are Desert Lynx/Jungle Curl hybrids with curled ears and must also have a minimum of 12.5% bobcat in them. These two breeds are relatively new and are just now beginning to be recognized as the rare and interesting cats that they are. For example, "The Ultimate Guide to Cat Breeds" by Louisa Summerville describes the Desert Lynx and Highland Lynx in a chapter called Breeds in Development. Mokave Lynx cats are Canadian Lynx hybrids with a minimum of 12.5% lynx in them.

Desert Lynx and Highland Lynx cats can be tawny, spotted,or barred. They come in all colours: ebony, charcoal, chocolate, bronze, cinnamon, fawn, blue, lilac, lavender, silver, and the three "snow" colours, sepia, mink, and seal lynx point. Mokave Lynx are usually tawny coloured with black ear tuffs.

Bobcat and lynx hybrids are exotic-looking domestic cats that have wild blood in them. Each litter produces an interesting mix of kittens, some of which look a lot like baby bobcats or lynxes; others look more like domestic cats with spotted coats, longer legs and shorter tails. These beautiful and affectionate cats are smart; they can be trained to a harness for outdoor walks and will often play "fetch" like a dog!

Owner breeder: Nora Scholin

Location: Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Contact information:

Tel: 904-292-9195
Cell: 904-305-4371

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