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Korat FamilyWebsite: - cattery Napha-Naramit

Description: First Korat cat site of Belgium. The site contains a lot of pictures and videos and a great deal of information! The site is setup in 3 different languages (English included).

Owner/Breeder: Jean-Marie Vanden Bosch


Wildert 100
2170 Merksem

Contact details:


Telephone: 03-644-51-49

Picture: Guan-yin v. Baan Thai & korats. Chuasiri Turkish Van and Korat Cats


Location: United Kingdom


Picture: Jai Male Korat Ch. & Pr. Chuasiri Aramarkorn.

Website: Primprau's Korats

Owner/Breeder: Camilla Baird

Located in: Denmark

Contact information:

Humlehaven 1
4300 Holbæk

Telephone number: +45-59439135
Fax: +45-59438692


Other links: Korat World

Picture: EP.EC. Primprau's Meo Hao. Meo was bred by Camilla Baird and is owned by Donatella Mastrangelo of Jadeye Korats and Orientals.

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