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Owner/Breeder - Frank & Karin Mandix

Cattery Name: Mandix

Our ocicats are treated as part of the family. They roam the whole house freely and have an outdoor cat run to support the active lifestyle and to constantly challenge their intelligent and inquisitive nature.

Our kittens are bred to ensure the continuation of good health, good contrast and wonderful spots. All our cats are genetically tested and free of diseases.

We are responsible breeders and members of the main cat associations and our kittens are brought up and sold in accordance with the rules and guidelines of those.

When our kittens leave us they are at least 13 weeks old, fully litter trained, socialised and used to living in a normal household. They are of course fully vaccinated and come with food samples, favourite toy, their normal litter, a pedigree certificate as well as life long support from us.

Please visit our website to learn more or send an e-mail.

Location: London, UK.

Contact information: E-mail

Picture: International Champion Kira, Supreme Champion Cato and International Champion Ylva Lorena in their cat run.
KIra - Cato & Viva Lorena


Owner/Breeder - Mrs. Rita Leggett

I am a small breeder of Ocicats and striving to produce healthy, happy cats of good type and temperament, avoiding lines which have proven to throw problems. My kittens are reared indoors and have free access to all parts of the house, are fully integrated and well adjusted. They leave me litter trained, fully inoculated, insured and registered with the GCCF. If you feel that you could offer one of my kittens a happy forever loving home, please feel free to contact me. I may not always have babies available but may be able to recommend another breeder to you.

Location: Norfolk, UK.

Contact information: E-mail

Picture: Thickthorn Blue Skipper, my future stud.

Website: Ameeka Cats

Owner/Breeder - Stacie Shorten

We specialise in the beautiful spotted Ocicats, and the stunning ticked Abyssinians. Our kittens are raised as part of the family, and are used to the hustle and bustle of family life, so are very well socialised and confident. Kittens sometimes available to loving families who can offer permanent homes. Enquiries always welcome.

Location: Lincolnshire, UK.

Contact information: E-mail

Picture: Ocicat

Chocolatedot Ocicats

Ocicat Queen

Website: Chocolatedot Ocicats

Breeder: Kerry Pilkington

Our kittens are bred with the utmost care and attention to ensure the continuation of the wonderful qualities of this beautiful breed, they leave this house no earlier then 13 weeks and go fully litter trained, socialised and used to the usual noises and routines of a normal household. They are registered as pedigree cats, they are vaccinated, wormed, and brought up in accordance to the rules and guidelines of the GCCF. All our kittens go to their new homes with samples of the food they are already eating, the litter they are using, a full pedigree and a few home comforts to help them settle in to their new homes such as a favourite toy, or a blanket they sleep on.

Location: Devon, England

Contact details:

Picture: Chocolatedot Ocicat Queen

Opaldaiz Ocicats


Website: Opaldaiz Ocicats

Breeder: Lynne Gower

Raisng happy, healthy kittens as part of our family. Beautiful, spotty babies sometimes available to loving, forever homes.

Location: Reepham, Norfolk, UK

Contact details:

Picture: Kylie (Merrydancer Carioca), my breeding queen.

Northsprite Ocicats

Northsprite Ocicats

Northsprite Ocicats
Website: Northsprite Ocicats

We are breeders of the beautiful and exotic Ocicat. If you are looking for an intelligent and loyal cat with the look of the wild then Ocicats may be the pet for you! Our cats live indoors as part of the family. They make ideal companions and they are well suited to being kept indoors as house cats. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

Breeder: Michelle Davies

Location: Yorkshire, England


Tel: 01422-316473 (UK)

KitumsKatums Cattery

Zoe & Litter

Zoe's litter of five was born January 8th, 2004.
Website: Kitums Katums Ocicats

If you are looking for a beautiful, healthy, affectionate and adorable Ocicat kitten to love, Kitums Katums Ocicats is the purr-fect place to begin your search! Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Shelley Pfiester is devoted to breeding and raising exceptional Ocicat kittens for exceptional owners, and has several years experience as a breeder. They ship to approved homes within the USA and Canada. Early reservations are recommended!

Small cattery, with no caged kitties, they roam freely with the family. TICA and CFA registered. Champion lines.

Owner: Shelly Pfiester

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Tel: 702-255-7169 (USA)

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