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Pixie-bob Cat Breeders

Website: Akecheta Pixiebob

Owner/Breeder: Clare Beatson

Akecheta Pixiebob have a small home based breeding program currently with 5 females and 3 male Pixiebobs. We fell in love with the character of this wonderful rare breed of cat, and wanted to try and help establish the Pixiebob in this country, so that others may enjoy them too. We are not a commercial breeder, and are looking for quality of breed, rather than quantity. For pet, show or breeding. Kittens usually available. All of our kittens are raised in our home, so they are completely used to being handled, and are loving and gentle.

Location: Sheffield, UK.

Contact information:

Tel: 07894-011035

Picture: Suki

Website: Alsoomse Pixie Bobs

Owner/Breeder: Donna Cox

We live in a big old four story house by the sea in Watchet, Somerset, UK, 30 minutes from the M5. We have now started to breed Bengals and Pixie-Bobs, two of the most amazing breeds we have ever seen. All our cats live with us as part of the family. They have wonderful temperaments and are very socialised. We breed to the very highest standard whilst also looking for that wonderful wild look, for pets, showing and breeding.

Location: Somerset, UK.

Contact information:

Tel: 01984-633028
Mob: 0777-900-4226


Picture: Finegold Summers Wind of Alsoomse (Little Mo).
Little Mo

Website: Anson Road Pixie Bobs

Owner/Breeder - Gertrud Mayer

UK foundation cattery breeding from top quality, rare lines (HCM DNA tested negative). Producing large, very wild Pixie Bobs of correct type with fantastic temperaments. Kittens are vet checked, micro-chipped, vaccinated and come with a health guarantee. We live with our cats in a big, rambling mansion block apartment in central London. We do not dock naturally long tails and do not declaw any of our cats. Anson Road is a TICA registered breeder.

Location: London, UK.

Contact information:

Tel: +44 (0)20-7700-0897


Picture: Pixie-bob Kitten

Blackfoot Agent
Special Agent Pixie Bobs


Southern California, near Los Angeles, USA.

Contact details:


Picture: Our main breeding boy, Supreme Grand Champion Blackfoot Agent Six (aka: Tag).

BoobaLes Pixie-Bobs du Farwest

Specialize in hand raising pure-bred kittens.

Owner/Breeder: Christine

Website: Les Pixie-Bobs du Farwest

Location: France

Contact number: 06 10 78 77 18 (France)

E-Mail: Nathalie

Picture: Omega Ranch's Booba, 6 months old.

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