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Siberian Cat Breeders


Forest Dreams Cattery

Owner/Breeder: Marta Garcia

Kingsbridge, Devon, UK

About: We love animals, and especially cats, but unfortunately we are allergic to them. Many years ago, after months of research, we found out that Siberian cats are hypoallergenic, and we decided to adopt one. Years later, after an excellent experience with our cat, we started to breed these cats for other cat allergy sufferers, so that they could enjoy the experience of living with a cat without suffering from any symptoms.

Picture: VinniMur Silverfox? - Queen - Colour: a 23, Blue Tabby, born: 16/01/2015. One of the queens of our home. She comes from an exceptional breeder in Saint Petersburg. It is the perfect female, her face has rounded features and slanted eyes. Her beautiful female body stands out just as much as her spectacular hair. The purity and valuable genetics of this cat makes her an authentic marvel matching only the best.


Orlenda Siberians

Owner/Breeder: Dawn Duffy

About: All our cats live as part of the family. We are a fully registered siberian cat breeder with tica and the siberian cat club, and we do show our cats which we feel keeps us upto date with the breed standard. At Orlenda our siberian kittens are born in the home and have free reign and are well socialised with children. Our siberian kittens leave us fully innoculated, wormed, flea treated, 4 weeks free insurance and will be registered with TICA.

Location: Lancashire, UK

Contact information:

Tel: 0787-5142720

Picture: Orlenda Siberian
Orlenda Siberian


ForestWind Siberians

Owner/Breeder: Kate & Carolyn

Location: New York, USA.

Contact information:


Tel: (01)-716-882-1133

Picture: Flashka Adagio from Moscow.

Website: Charodey Siberians

Owner/Breeder: Natalya Tardif

Beautiful, home raised Siberian kittens from Colorado. Variety of colours include Smoke, Silver, Red, Blue, Colourpoint. All adult cats FIP, FIV, FelV tested negative. Kittens leave my cattery with health certificate and sales contract. If local, you are welcome to visit my cattery and cats. If you don't mind travelling from a further location you are always welcome.

Location: Denver, Colorado.

Contact information:

Picture: Siberian Kitten
Charody Kitten


Owner/Breeder: Owner/Breeder: Maria Bunina

Being Russian origin myself, I have imported all of my cats from Russia.Many World, Euro and Inter Champions in their Pedigrees. Would sell kittens for breeding to GCCF registered experienced breeders.

Location: Oxfordshire, United Kingdom.

Contact information:
Tel: 01491-578538

Picture: Russian Siberian
Russian Siberian

Website: Miakira Siberian Cats

Owner/Breeder: Tracey Dallas

I am a hobby Siberian breeder located in the UK. I breed breed for type, temperment and size. My kittens are raised as part of my family and socialised with other pets

Location: Hertfordshire, UK

Contact information:

Tel: 01438-231213


Picture: Miakira Florescent Flame - Cream Tabby at 9 weeks old.

Website: Svetlana Siberian Cats

Owner/Breeder - Deanna Johnson

Looking for a life long companion? The Siberian cat is for you. Our kittens are socially friendly, follow you everywhere and just want to be with you no matter what you are doing. They are extremely soft, affectionate and smart.

Location: Sunnybrook, Alberta, Canada T0C 2M0.

Contact information:

Tel: 780-789-2125


Picture: Svetlana Chayana
Svetlana Chayana

Website: White Nights Siberian Cattery

Owner/Breeder - Elena Door

Our home based cattery is located in Washington State, Seattle, USA. We raise wonderful Siberian cats, these were imported to our home directly from Russia. Come and meet Egor and Venus - our beautiful colorpoint Siberians. If you wish to get yourself an excellent companion - a Siberian kitten - visit our "Kittens for You" directory.

Location: Washington State, USA.

Contact information:

Tel: 206-870-8756


Picture: Siberian Egor & Venus
Egor & Venus

Website: Willowbrook Siberians

Owner/Breeder - Dana Osburn

Location: California, USA.

Contact information:


Picture: Siberian Flame Point White
Siberian Flame Point White

ColombusWebsite: Captive Heart Siberians

A natural breed, the Siberian is a large, strong and healthy breed with no known genetic defects. They are gentle, affectionate cats with dog like loyalty and a strong desire to be with humans.

We are hobby breeders raising our Siberian kittens as part of the family. They are raised among adults, children, other cats and a dog so they should easily blend into your family. Specializing in colors of Silvers & Smokes - all with and without white. These precious little bundles of fur are just waiting to "Capture your Heart"! Registered with TICA, ACFA, & CFA. (Shipping available)

Owner/Breeder: Susan Majdiak

Located in: Northeastern, Ohio USA

Contact information:


Picture: Columbus of CaptiveHeart - a one year old Siberian male, black silver with white.

Sibano Siberian CatsWebsite: Sibano Siberian Cats

Breeder: Sibano Siberians Jonathan and Kris Hirst Contact:

Picture: Tink

Website: Archibald Siberians

"The Siberian Cat, a true feline import, is playful and affectionate as well as smart and sociable." These cats have the right personality for a family of kids and a dog.

Owner/Breeder: Laura A. Sutcliffe

Located in Fort Madison, Iowa the Southeast corner of the state - USA.
Contact information:

Telephone: 319-372-5898 (USA) Fax: 319-372-5405 (USA)

Picture: Windrifter's Tashana of Archibald. "Tasha", a brown mackerel tabby with white.

GordiWebsite: Siberian Cat Gordi and his Siberian Friends

The site presents Siberian Cats from all around the world, a big variety of colours and patterns. Get to know this new Russian breed and visit Gordi and his Siberian friends, also has a collection of Siberian Breeder Cat related links.

Contact information:

Picture: Siberian Cat Gordi.

Website: Taiga Siberian Breed Club

TAIGA Siberian Breed Club was founded in 1992 by the first importer of the Siberian Cat into the United States, Elizabeth Terrell. The formation of this Club in 1992 and its continuing purpose is to keep communication open for the breeders and pet owners of what was then a newly imported breed of cat from Russia. TAIGA members work and show within all USA registries.

Contact information:

RimskyWebsite: WufnPur Siberians

Owner/Breeder: Connie Horne

Located in: WufnPur Siberians, 2770 Rt. 6N East, Edinboro,
Pennsylvania, 16412 - USA
Contact information:
Telephone: 814-734-8534 (USA) Fax: 814-734-8534 (USA)

Picture: Rimsky (a beautiful Siberian kitten).

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