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Somali Cat Breeders


Owner/breeder: Emma Barbero

Prefix: Angelkiss

Angelkiss Cats breed beautiful laid back Ragdolls and stunningly sweet natured Somalis. All my cats live within my family home and all kittens are raised indoors. They are loved and cuddled daily by myself my husband and my young children.

I am a small breeder and only have a couple of litters a year. Most colours/patterns are possible. All kittens are registered with the GCCF, are vaccinated and checked over by a vet before they go to their new homes, with six weeks insurance and a kitten care pack. I encourage new owners to keep in touch, I am happy to offer ongoing support and advice if needed.

Location: Blackwood, South Wales

Contact details:

Tel: 01495-228723


Picture: Kiki (Somali)

Website: FoxBluff Cattery

Owner/Breeder - Joan Brenan

FoxBluff is registered with both CFA and TICA.

Description: Connecticut based FoxBluff Cattery - Somali kittens and cats that are raised in our home with the greatest love and care imaginable. Each one is precious to us; they receive daily attention and handling so they develop into well adjusted and playful kittens. Please don't consider getting a kitten from us unless you can give them the love and attention that they will demand of you.

Location: Connecticut, USA.

Contact information:

Tel: Phone: 860-295-1211

Picture: Somali Kitten
Somali Kitten

Godazzlem Somali's - A small cattery, occasionally having Somali kittens.


Owner/Breeder: Gill Rimmer


Staffordshire, United Kingdom.

Contact information:

Picture: Makeitso Ensign HarryKim, Somali.

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