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Owner/Breeder: W & M Sheppard

Hypnotyks is a GCCF Prefix. Breeding Tonkinese Cats in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom.

Location: Gloucestershire, UK

Contact information:

Picture - Blue Tonkinese Milo

Mymystic Tonkinese

GrCh Mymystic Pharoah

Website: Mymystic Tonkinese

Owner/Breeder: Mrs Linda Vousden

Hello, I'm Linda Vousden, I've been breeding and showing my Tonkinese since 1991 anyone who knows UK Tonks will also know that I've been deeply involved with advancing this lovely breed in the UK. I wrote the book, 'Tonkinese Cats' and set-up an international E-mail group for Tonkinese enthusiasts. If there is anything you would like to see on my website, or would like to know about the breed, then feel free to e-mail me. The Mymystic site was one of the first UK Tonkinese sites, it's constantly evolving & growing.

Location: Berkshire, United Kingdom

Contact information:

Picture - GrCh Mymystic Pharoah, Blue Tabby Tonkinese.

Merrydancer Cats


Website: Merrydancer Cats

Breeder: Chris & Derek Hughes

We got involved in breeding a few years ago because we found two beautiful breeds that we adored so much that we wanted to give more people the chance to live with such wonderful cats. When we first got to know Ocicats and Tonkinese there weren't a huge number of breeders and kittens were often not available. Our cats all live with us as part of our family, all living together happily. They are our pets, first and foremost, and we look on breeding to be the icing on the cake. When the kittens are born they spend the first three weeks in the security of our bedroom (by the side of the bed, so as soon as it's light enough I can watch them from the bed, and then they go in to the rest of our home to mix with the other cats and gradually, the dog.

Location: Sleaford, Lincolnshire, England

Contact details:

Picture: Sophie a beautiful female Tonkinese.

Angisan Yumshus CrumshusWebsite: "AYSHAZEN" Tonkinese

Owner/Breeder: Chrissy Russell

Located in: Southampton, United Kingdom.

Picture: "Our beautiful brown tabby Tonkinese queen Angisan Yumshus Crumshus, Best in Show Kitten, Tonkinese Cat Club show 2002. (photo Robert Fox)"

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