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Cat Facts

I like you!Every cat's nose pad, or nose leather, has unique characteristics. Just as no two humans have the same fingerprints, it's a fact that no two feline noseprints are alike.

Cats have a third eyelid at the inner corner of the eye. It is pale pink in colour, and will be prominently visible if she is ill or has something caught in her eye.

A cat with a mellow personality will usually have no trouble accepting an outgoing cat as an addition to the household. A shy, quiet cat is well suited as a companion to a cat who demands a lot of attention.

To make your cat's scratching post more inviting, try rubbing catnip on the material that covers it. Toy balls hanging from the top are an added attraction. Remember to praise your cat when they claw the post instead of your furniture.

Cats are natural contortionists. Not only do their forelegs turn in almost any direction because the shoulder points are open and free, but both halves of their body can move in opposing directions.

Cats have a tendency to be southpaws, leading more often with the left paw than with the right. This fact was discovered after patient observation by Professor J. Cole of Oxford University (United Kingdom).

The colour points of breeds such as the Siamese and Himalayan are controlled by an enzyme that is thermal in nature. The cooler parts of the body (distant from the heart) receive deeper intensity of colour.

Cats cannot see in total darkness, but their vision in twilight is almost unparalleled. A reflective layer called the tapetum, located at the back of the eye, enhances the light that reaches the retina and is responsible for the cat's reputation as an unerring night hunter.

The cat's sense of touch is the most delicate in the broad class of mammals. Some experts believe it to be the most highly refined tactile sense in the entire animal kingdom.

A nip from one cat usually does little damage to another cat. Their skin is thicker than ours and normally covered with fur. However, if you're worried that a real cat fight is imminent, a few squirts from a water spray bottle can save the day (as long as your cats do not associate you with the squirting!).

After experimenting with many different kinds of animals (including the hyena), the ancient Egyptions finally settled on cats as their only ally in the war against grain eating rodents. They also trained cats to hunt wild birds along the Nile and to fish for their master.

The grizzled appearance of some cats fur is produced by bicoloured or tricoloured light or dark banding on each single hair, ending in a dard-coloured tip. This type of colouration, called Agouti, gives an unmistakeable "wild" look to certain domestic cats.

In general, a cat's skin is insensitive to temperature except in the area of the nose. This helps to explain why a cat sees nothing wrong with curling up on a hot radiator but will refuse to touch his food if it's served straight from the stove.

Few cats can resist kneading laundry fresh from the dryer. The warm softness of the cloth brings back happy memories of early kittenhood, when they nestled cozily into the fur of their mother's underbelly and kneaded as they nursed in complete contentment.

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