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This time is extremely important to the newborn kitten. Vigorous licking from the mother immediately after the birth of each kitten clears any liquid from around the nose and mouth, encouraging the first few breaths of air.

After this, the mother encourages each kitten to suckle - giving them their first vital meal. This first milk is Colostrum, and passes on important nutrients as well as antibodies to protect them in the first few weeks after being born.

If you hear a kitten squealing at this point, it may be because they are not suckling. Have a quick check to make sure that each one is suckling properly - there could be an infection of one of the mother's nipples, meaning that one of the kittens is missing out on this important first feed. If this is the case, your local Veterinary Surgeon will be able to advise you.

Colostrum: The first secretion of the mammary glands immediately after birth, lasting for a few days and consisting of serum, white blood cells, and antibodies.

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