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If you already have another pet, you should take special care in introducing them to your new kitten. If the two pets meet accidentally, they could become life long enemies. It is probably best to confine your other pet while your kitten explores their new surroundings.

Once they learn to find their way around the house, the best time for them to meet an existing pet is at mealtime. Each animal should be given its own dish, well apart from the other. It is likely that your older pet will not even notice the newcomer until after they have finished feeding, and the encounter is likely to be more relaxed all round.

The younger the existing pet, the better will be the chances of peaceful coexistence. You should be prepared to break up a fight, however, if one develops. If your resident pet is an adult dog, you should probably keep him on a lead or confine the kitten in a wire cage. A dog can seriously injure a small kitten with one snap of their jaws.

If you have two cats from different sources,and introduce them to each other on the first day, they will both think the other has lived at your home before. The chances are that they will both get on well with each other.

If you have birds or fish, the situation will be the reverse, and appropriate precautions should be taken to protect them from harm by your kitten.

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