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You used to be able to hold your kitten in the palm of your hand. Now they leap onto your stomach when you least expect it - and they seems to weigh as much as a sack of potatoes!

Your kitten isn't a kitten any more. A year down the line, they have become a fully grown cat. You've had the fun (and a few of the trials, no doubt!) of watching them grow up. You now understand their personality; they are a healthy animal, and the relationship you've built up is something that will continue to develop for many years to come.

You have a special relationship. They are there to grumble at when life's not too good - and to celebrate with when you win the National Lottery. But the responsibility doesn't stop just because they have grown up. After the first year's trips to the Veterinary Surgeon for vaccinations, boosters and neutering, you need to make a once a year routine visit, for a check up and any further boosters.

As cats grow, their needs change. It's hard to tell how old any cat is from looking at it. Like any other animal, though, as they approach middle age, cats slow down a bit - though they are still capable of showing a decidedly youthful energy when they feel like it!

And just like when they were a kitten, as they grows into an elderly cat, they will need a little more care. The trips to the Veterinary Surgeon for check ups will take place twice a year instead of once. And in between these visits, they will continue to amuse, entertain and reward you.

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