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It is difficult to take cats on holiday with you and most have to be left behind. The choice is either to find a cattery or arrange for a neighbour to feed them in your home. In either case, make your arrangements in good time to avoid disappointment as catteries get booked up early for the peak holiday periods and your neighbours will need to make their own holiday arrangements.

Finding a satisfactory cattery may not be all that easy but reference to Yellow Pages is a good start in preparing a shortlist. Your local Veterinary Surgeon may be able to tell you those that other clients have found satisfactory.

In any event, visit the cattery you have in mind before you book. Ensure that your cat is vaccinated and up-to-date as regards its boosters. It may be that your chosen cattery does not insist on vaccination against Cat Flu. That is probably all the more reason for your cat to be protected. Above all, take the record of vaccination with you when dropping the cat off for its - and your - holiday. The cattery will want to inspect it before admitting your cat. If they do not want to see the record of vaccination, you have chosen the wrong cattery.

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