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Unlike their canine counterparts, most cats don't like to walk on a lead. Some cat breeds - notably Siamese - do enjoy walking on a lead with their owners. For cat owners in urban environments, however, a lead may be the only way for your kitten to enjoy the outdoors. If you plan to use a collar or harness, your kitten should be introduced to it early on.

A collar should be elastic or have a breakaway section, so that the kitten can escape if the collar catches on an object. A collar or harness should carry identification in case your kitten gets lost.

Opinions vary on the effectiveness of flea collars and there is a danger that tree climbing cats will catch them on a branch and hang them.

On the whole, flea collars do not work very well and certainly do not eliminate the need for routine spraying and vacuuming of the home environment. The medication in the collars can cause allergies and skin irritation in some cats.

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