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It is important to remember that your cat is a carnivore and requires a meat diet. This is all too often overlooked by people, who attempt to make an omnivore or herbivore out of their cat. They are slowly killing the animal with love. It is quite impossible for a cat, any cat, to survive on a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Dogs, while carnivores, are omnivorous to a large degree, and have the ability to break down and digest vegetable protein as well as animal protein. A dog can survive quite successfully on the same foods humans eat, or even a carefully balanced vegetarian diet, especially if supplements are used.

Cats remain strictly carnivorous and if given a meatless diet will rapidly become ill and die a painful death - this is a BIOLOGICAL FACT. Cats are incapable of digesting and receiving nutrition from the majority of vegetable proteins. Cats in the wild devour the whole of their prey; muscles, organs viscera, bones, offal, skin, etc. In this manner, cats ingest not only the flesh and organs of their prey but also the partially and wholly digested vegetable foods the prey had eaten, with the assistance of the prey's own digestive processes, the cat then is able to derive nutrition from various vegetable sources.

This evolved approach to eating means that the cat has lost the ability to manufacture various vitamins, enzymes and other substances necessary to life, receiving these substances directly from its food. This has caused the nutritional requirements of the cat to be radically different from that of the dog, which in turn has caused cat food to be considerably more expensive than dog food.

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