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Before you bring your kitten home, think carefully about possible hazards in their environment. These include electrical wires, candles, fireplaces, cigarettes, irons, washing machines, rubbish bins, sharp utensils, needles, pins, plastic bags, open cupboards and drawers, high balconies, detergents, cleaning products and poisonous plants. A small kitten can find their way into surprising places, so be careful to keep dangerous objects out of range.

Cats are very curious by nature and my own personal experience with my cats is to keep plastic bags away from them. Cats will go into a plastic bag, this may look amusing from the owners point of view, be aware that if the cat is frightened in any way there is a possibility of the cat's head getting caught in the handle section of the plastic bag which can have tragic consequences. Paper bags are loved by many cats and are far less dangerous than plastic bags.

Also keep in mind that many commonly used cat toys, such as yarn, string, rubber bands, aluminium foil and cellophane can be dangerous if they are accidentally swallowed. Your kitten should play with such objects only with your supervision.

Outdoor Hazards

If you do not have a garden, it is better not to let your pet out at night. If you do have a garden, there are hazards such as garden tools, weed-killers/fertilizers and poisonous plants. Keep all hazardous tools and weed-killers/fertilizers in a cat-proof shed.

Your pet cannot judge what is safe and what is not. They need your help.

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