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Your Veterinary Surgeon will advise on the timing of routine vaccination against Feline Enteritis, Chlamydiosis and Cat Flu. In vaccination programmes started at 6-9 weeks old, with the second dose 3-4 weeks later, protection is not complete until 10-14 days after the second dose and an annual booster is required.

Injectable vaccines may prevent these diseases and there is also a Cat Flu vaccine that is given as nasal drops. This vaccine, like all Cat Flu vaccines, needs boosting annually, but it does provide the fastest protection of all the vaccines currently available.

You will be issued with a vaccination record card, which should be put in a safe place, as it will be needed for updating following each annual booster and for proof to the cattery that your animal is fully vaccinated.

There are other important cat diseases against which vaccines are being developed. While this country (United Kingdom) remains free of rabies, vaccination against this disease is prohibited, except under special licence from the Ministry of Agriculture for those cats going to a country where they must be vaccinated before entry.

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