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A scratching post will give your kitten a place to stretch and exercise, as well as keeping their claws in good condition. It will also help to prevent them from using your furniture to satisfy these needs!

Show your kitten how to use a scratching post, start training your kitten as soon as possible, so they will be less likely to damage a piece of your furniture. The secret is to show the kitten what to do. Hold them near the post and scratch their claws on the surface. They will soon form an attachment to their new toy.

Most pet stores offer a variety of scratching posts, but you can easily construct one of your own by covering an appropriate piece of wood with carpet, tree bark or coiled rope. If you use carpet, make sure it is not the deep-pile kind; the fluffy surface can't offer enough resistance for your cat's claws. The post may be mounted on a wall or made freestanding by attaching it to a sturdy wooden base.

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