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Cats are usually fastidious about cleanliness and most kittens have been house-trained by their mothers; just in case yours has not learnt its lessons, be prepared for the worst. In any event, you should ensure it is able to cope with the facilities you have provided in case it is left in the home for extended periods of time when it is older.

Place the litter tray in the position you have chosen, preferably a quiet spot away from the human traffic lanes and not too far away from the kitten's bed. If it does not use the tray, quickly carry it to the tray, but do not punish it. A distracting noise, a handclap for example, will often stop toilet activity quicker than you can reach the kitten to carry it to the tray. Incidentally, a handclap can also be used to stop any undesirable activity such as scratching the furniture, chewing electricity cables and so on.

Using the Litter Tray:

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