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Although water is not regarded as a nutrient it is essential to life. It can be argued that its provision is more crucial than a supply of food; a cat can survive much longer without food than it could without water.

Water has many roles in the body:

 It transports nutrients and metabolites in the blood.
 It is a vital part of the temperature regulation system.
 It is essential for the digestion and metabolism of food.
 It is the principal route of elimination of waste materials via the urine.

Metabolites: Any of various organic compounds produced by or taking part in Metabolism.

Metabolism: The complex of physical and chemical processes involved in the maintenance of life.

D0 NOT substitute milk or other liquids for water. To a cat, milk is a food, not a beverage. The only cat beverage is water.

Milk is an important food for young kittens and, while it is not necessary for the adult cat, it is obvious that many of them do enjoy it occasionally. Fresh milk or Lactol are useful foods in convalescence and for the lactating female with a litter to feed.

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