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The Birth (Set of five Pictorial Pages)

A series of pictures showing the growth of kittens from one to ten weeks of age:
Joy & Kittens


  Pregnancy and Birth

  What Should You Do

  Preparing For The Birth

  The Birth

  After the Birth

  The Newborns First Few Days


  After The Kittens Have Gone

  The New Kitten

  Preparing Your Home

  What Do You Need?

      Cat Bed

      Litter Tray



      Cat Basket or Carrier

      Brushes and Combs

      Scratching Posts

      Lead and Collar or Harness

      Nail Cutters

  Getting Along With Other Pets

  First Days

  The First Few Nights




  Toilet Training

  How to Pick Up your Cat


  Meat versus Vegetables

  How Much to Feed your Kitten

  Feeding your Adult Cat

  Fresh Foods

  Feeding Tips

  The Hunting Instinct

  Health and Care

  Routine Care

  Basic First Aid

  Giving Medication to your Kitten

  Symptoms of Illness



  Routine Vaccination

  Vaccination: Adverse Effects

  Sexual Maturity

  Indoor Cats

  Growing Up

  Caring for the Elderly Cat

  Troubles of Old Age

  Weather Advice



  When You Go Away

  Useful info: UK

  Useful info: USA

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