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Blue Peter   Blue Peter

Blue Peter began on 16th October 1958. In those days there was only one programme each week, lasting for fifteen minutes. The first two presenters were Christopher Trace and Leila Williams. In 1962 the first pet joined, a dog called Petra. By June 25th 2001 there had been 3,472 programmes, 29 presenters and 20 pets!

Blue Peter is on BBC ONE (UK) three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from October to Easter. The show is on twice a week, on Monday and Wednesday, during the summer. The programme is repeated early the following weekday morning on BBC TWO.

You can catch Blue Peter on the digital CBBC channel three times a day at 08.35, 13.35 and 16.35. Monday is Unleashed day, Tuesday's show is a repeat of Monday's show, Wednesday is Flies the World day and Thursday is repeat of Wednesday's show. On Friday you can see Unleashed, tune in on Saturday for a repeat of Friday's show and on Sunday for Re-Peter.

For more on the CBBC digital channel check out their Website at: CBBC Site


September, 2004 - Smudge a non-pedigree dsh (domestic short hair) or moggy! When the BBC's iconic children's programme, Blue Peter, got a new cat in September, 2004, 15,000 viewers wrote in with their suggestions for its name (Smudge). We all grow older, and the world is perhaps a more cynical place, but Blue Peter is forever young and aspirational in heart, and has been since 1958. Smudge is the newest member of the Blue Peter team. Smudge's favourite toy is a little grey, furry mouse, favourite food is anything and everything, especially chicken. His mum was a rescue stray who had her kittens in someone's shed. They are now all being cared for.

August 2002 - Resident Blue Peter Cats:

Both Kari and Oke were rescued from troubled times as kittens. Oke was found abandoned in a bush as a kitten. Kari and Oke both arrived at the Woodgreen Rescue Centre at the same time where helpers encouraged Kari's mum to 'adopt' Oke as though she was one of her own kittens. Luckily she did and so Kari and Oke became brother and sister!


Nothing like a good rest after a hard day at the studio!

  • Did you know: My mum was abandoned while looking after my brothers and sisters and I.
  • My favourite food is: Freshly cooked chicken.
  • My favourite toy is: I love any toy with cat nip in it. My owner grows it in her garden, picks it, then dries it out. She hides it in the toys that she makes and I love them! I roll around on the floor and rub up against it.
  • I am most afraid of: Dogs!
  • My worst habit is: Sharpening my claws on the furniture.
  • I love being... Able to potter about in the garden not doing an awful lot. I spend about 15 hours a day asleep. I like to sleep in the garden.

  • Did you know: Six weeks after being abandoned we made our Blue Peter debuts!
  • My favourite food is: Freshly cooked rabbit.
  • I am most afraid of: Well, I'm not really, in fact I'm a bit of an explorer and love bossing the five other cats that Kari and I live with!
  • My worst habit is: Having a mad five minutes where I run about all over the place! I chase round-and-round in a circle trying to catch my tail - and when I catch it I let go and start all over again!
  • I love being... Able to sleep all day, we both spend about 15 hours a day asleep. I love to sleep on my owner's bed!

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