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Ace was MY cat. Familiar words, familiar feelings as any other cat lover would recognise. Her life began by a canal, when one day she walked in, dripping wet and only a few weeks old, into an old man's kitchen, and her first catty words were "feed me!" So he did, lovingly for twelve long years.

Facing failing health, her owner accepted that he would have to go into "sheltered housing" and give his little friend up, as pets were not allowed in these properties. A problem then arose, as he didn't want to leave her and refused to go. Alternatives were suggested and eventually he agreed to allow his Niece (my Nan) to try Ace with her family pets, consisting of three dogs and one cat. This is when Ace became mine, as I live with my Nan.

She did not like Angel, Bob and Sam, who were the dogs, or even Scruff the cat, but she loved me, my bed and the back garden. We all felt very highly honoured that she had chosen to stay and tolerate the other pets and other people in the house.

A year later, sadly Scruffy passed away. That was when all hell let loose and Ace became TOP CAT. She would tease the dogs when they were asleep, by tapping them all on their noses, then she would calmly walk away.

The roof of the garden shed became her kingdom, not long after Scruffy died she lay and reigned in the sun and only came down to eat.

After a few years we moved house, she was about fifteen and a half years old when we moved. But she really acted like a fifteen and a half month old kitten. In the day she slept and snored. At night she decided if she was awake everybody else would have to be awake. She would get her ball with a bell in and keep tapping it until it fell down the stairs and woke everybody up.

Whenever she went onto her litter tray and came off, that was when she thought the fun started. She would scratch my door, I would open it and then she would race around my bed and brace herself on my mat so I could not get her out. I would say, people would call her "Your Majesty" from the way she behaved.

Ever since we moved house she became more homely, because in our last house Ace was nearly wild from living by the canal.

One day she came down stairs and actually fought one of the dogs for my Granddad's lap, and she even bullied the dogs off their beds. She was the heart of the house and I could never imagine any day without her. Until one day she was sick, I was so worried when I heard she had collapsed on her litter tray. We took her to the vets and she was fine, I was so relieved that she had only a needle. The same thing happened twice until after one day she became really ill, she passed lots of hard lumps, they were like bone. I thought this was it she's going to be gone forever.

We had taken her to the emergency vets, as it was a Saturday., he checked her over and said everything was fine, but I saw on his computer screen "x-renal failure", of course nobody knew what that was. The vet said to keep her until Monday. So we did and on Monday we took her to the normal vets and he said… her kidneys were breaking away. This was a very confusing and upsetting time, but the vet said that she would go through sheer pain if we kept her alive. So my Nan had her put to sleep. She was cremated and sent to an open space, especially for animals, with lots of fields and a stream to be scattered. I am sure Ace had a wonderful life. Even though I have an empty space inside me.

Katie Fletcher (Aged Eleven)  

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