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Bumbly My Little Baby


Bumble is my little baby, I was given him to look after by a lady who had 8 cats and didn't have time to give him the attention he needs, he's half Persian and half-Burman and he was very knotted and all his body had to be shaved, leaving a fluffy face, legs and tail for a few months.

He also used to disappear for days at a time. The day I brought him home he sniffed about and roamed around then curled up and went to sleep on the sofa.

He is now my best friend, he follows me from the bed (where he sleeps on my pillow, much to the distain of my partner) to the car for work. Then when I get home he's waiting in the window and comes rushing to the door to greet me.

When he does go out now he sits on my rabbit hutch as if guarding her from other predators and then miaows to come back in after 10 minutes, or for me to come out and play chase the stick with him. He's very mischevious but incredibly loveable and manages to make even the most hardened non-cat fanciers go gooey over him as he sits posing in his radiator bed.

He really helps me get through the stresses and strains of working life and is always there for a cuddle when I get home. In fact my boyfriend gets very jealous as Bumble gets all the attention but I know he will always love me unconditionally.

Lucy Saunders  

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