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My Little Baby Frisky

From: Jenny Cartwright


One cold dark night seven years ago in 1992, I found Frisky a tiny ball of black fur in a carpark. He was obviously a stray and it took me over an hour to catch him. The first thing he did was bite and scratch my hand with all the strength of a young kitten. He soon settled down as I had him tucked inside my coat and was soon purring. I soon formed a bond, and I gave him all the love, attention and good things that he had missed - and anything else he wanted! My dog Lucky, loved him and would let Frisky piggyback on him around the house, it was such a very humorous sight with Frisky holding on for dear life, but he loved every minute spent with Lucky.

Frisky had a favourite sink, he would climb into the sink and wait for the tap to be turned on for him. That's the only way he would drink. He meowed continually until I turned on the water. Later, he discovered the bathroom, and would jump into the bath meowing furiously until the tap was turned on for him there. Frisky drank the drops and licked his paws until he was soaked to the skin - getting out was very funny as he would slide back down the insides - I think he enjoyed this. He would then proceed to the lounge and shake himself dry all over Lucky!

He had a wonderful habit of sticking his tongue out whenever he was relaxing or sleeping.

Frisky had a strong, loving heart but he also had a Liver disease. At just eight years old, Frisky passed over to the Rainbow Bridge. He was a wonderful cat, and is greatly missed by me and Lucky.

I am in the process of arranging a home for two-little-kittens from a local cat shelter, with luck they should be with me within the next 14 days.

Jenny Cartwright  

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