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From: Sue Dalton (December 1999)


Frodo is no more as he sadly got run over by the postman in July as he brought back a mouse across the road and was obviously oblivious to everything else.

He was a lovely cat - we got him from the Cats Protection League when he was a kitten, but he never purred although he was very affectionate and contented. One day he got lost and we hunted everywhere. Eventually I put a note through all the doors in our village to say a tabby kitten was lost. That evening Frodo turned up and we thought no more about it, but next morning two children turned up with another tabby kitten which they'd found.


We couldn't resist taking her in and called her Sam. She was very thin and covered in sheep ticks, but soon recovered. She and Frodo were great mates and she taught Frodo to purr.

Unfortunately Frodo turned into something of a mass murderer and our carpets were always littered with the intestines and inedible bits of mice, voles and baby rabbits. Under our bed was his den and one often woke up to the sound of him crunching skulls or slurping brains. Eventually we put down plastic flooring to make it more washable. He even tried to haul full-grown rabbits through the cat-door.

For a while we had neighbours with four excitable little Shitzu dogs. Frodo took great delight in sitting in front of their patio window while they barked themselves into a frenzy behind. We live across a golf course from the sea and Frodo would follow me down to the beach - a little afraid as it was further than his normal territory - to come and see the sea.

He loved cheese and could hear the word and wake up even if you just whispered it. He loved all other scraps too - anything that was going. He hated flea spray though, but was very gentle and never clawed - unlike Sammy who is the scratchiest cat alive.

I miss him and his lovely honey tummy which he loved to have tickled. Poor Sam misses him too, but at 15 he'd lived to a good age and as such an active cat I wouldn't have liked to see him become frail.

Anyway - thats Frodo - who now is only my screen saver.

Sue Dalton  

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