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Black Cat

From: Bren Taylor


One night I was driving home after work when a black cat ran out in front of my car. Unfortunately it was struck and badly injured. After I had stopped the car, I returned to the cat who was too badly injured to be moved. He was safe at the side of the road so I quickly ran to the house that he seemed to have come out of only to be told they did not have a cat and that they thought it belonged across the road.

I called at the other house asking if they had a black cat and they replied that they did. I regrettably explained what had happened and asked if I could use the phone to call my cat's vet and ask him if we could meet him at the surgery. (This was in the days before mobile phones).

The people from the house said they would take the cat to their vet which is what they did.

A few days later I decided to call on them to see how things had gone. As I expected, the cat had been too badly injured to be saved and was put to sleep. The people at the house said they had returned very upset and heavy hearted and were sitting at their kitchen table wondering how to tell the children. Suddenly, in through the open kitchen window, jumped a black cat. Their own black cat!

It seems that the cat that had been injured was not in fact theirs. It had been dark and the cat could not be moved about unduly so they had assumed the other one to be theirs.

I was pleased for them but had mixed feelings too. Someone somewhere would be missing their cat. I did place adverts in the local papers for anyone missing a black cat from that locality to contact, but no one ever did.

The picture I have sent, is that of my own cat - Jag who is 2 years old and a complete hooligan. He has very unusual markings on his face and also answers to his nickname of Badgerpuss.

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