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Jinx & Minx

From: Mary Kerson

My name is Mary Kerson, I have two lovely kittens from the RSPCA cat rescue centre. Their names are Jinx (male) and Minx (female). Having a large garden I wanted them to be outdoor kitties. Once all vaccinations and neautering had been done and the waiting time had gone, I decided to let them out into the garden.

That first day out was a great adventure for my kitties! Jinx managed to get stuck up a tree for 6 hours before a kindly neighbour helped him out of the tree with the use of some very large ladders. Jinx has not climbed that tree since. Minx on the otherhand loves getting up to everything possible once outside, chasing anything that moves, smelling everything in sight and generally enjoying herself. Jinx and Minx also chase each other, tumbling and teasing each other.

When feeding time arrives or it is getting late I only have to tap a Cat-Food tin and they both rush back indoors, no doubt expecting a meal is awaiting them. Grooming is an activity in itself, if I am grooming Jinx then Minx will be all over me trying to get in on the action and vice versa. They will eat almost anything, as long as it has not been left out for too long.

In our small neighbourhood we have a few tomcats that wonder into our garden. For some unknown reason they do not bother Jinx or Minx, leaving them well alone. The first time Minx came across a Hedgehog was so amusing I cried with laughter, the little hedgehog was okay and didnot suffer from Minx's curiosity as he had curled up tight with his spines sticking out protecting himself.

Now my little babies are grown adults and at 14 months of age are still like little kittens with their behaviour, and I would not have it any other way.

I do not have access to a scanner, so cannot send a picture. If I do purchase a scanner I will certainly send a picture or two of Jinx and Minx.

Mary Kerson  

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