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Kali & The Drain!

By Kate Holmes.

September 2002


Kali, taking it easy.

We hadn't been living in our new house for very long when our cat Kali (named after the Goddess of death and destruction when we saw what she can do to a toilet roll!) went missing for 36 hours.

When she was a kitten she often had to be rescued from other people's garages so we thought we'd go out, have a walk around and look for our nosey little pet.

We'd gone 20 yards from our front door down a quiet cul-de-sac whistling and calling her name when we heard her miaowing. As we walked from one side of the road to the other we couldn't pinpoint where the noise was coming from - it moved as we did. Suddenly we realised that the noise we could hear was coming from the manhole under our feet! Somehow Kali had managed to find her way into the drains!

My partner had to call the fire brigade who arrived very promptly with sirens blaring and lights flashing (a most embarrasing way to meet our new neighbours!). Luckily the firemen were good humoured and there were no real emergencies in the meantime.

Eventually after opening 2 manhole covers, trying to entice her with food, several different firemen going down the drains and still no luck - Kali is not known for being the most social of animals with strangers - my partner, Greg, had to go down and grab her whilst in his work suit! Once they got back into the house they had to both go in the bath, although I've spared you all THAT photo! Thankfully there was no harm done, the fireman and neighbours found it highly entertaining and we have a good story to tell.

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