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Kitty Kat

By: Mark & Karen McCormack

May 2002

Kitty KatKitty Kat came to my wife Karen and myself some five years ago. She just turned up in our garden wanting to be fed. She looked thin and a little bedraggled. At first she was very nervous, but over the days and weeks soon learnt to trust us and would soon be feeding out of our hands. She had no owner as far as we could tell and no ID Tag. We always called out "here kitty-kitty," when we wanted to feed her, the name stuck and she soon learned to respond to "Kitty Kat" - the name we eventually kept for her.

Eventually we were able to get Kitty Kat into our kitchen and she soon made herself at home, loving the indoors and having a nice warm place to sleep without interruptions. We did not know much about cats and had to seek advice on what was needed, our local pet shop was a cat lover and we got a wealth of information from him. We soon took Kitty Kat to a local vet, she had a small flea problem and a sore on her back, these were soon dealt with and within a month she was just like any other well fed and happy indoor cat, she still had her outdoor outings, but these were only within our garden perimeter and never for long, unless the sun was out.

Today Kitty Kat is well and truly settled in and loves her home. She has an almost obsessive love for dried fish, she will do absolutely anything for them, including flipping over backwards to making little mews continuously.

Our postman is also an animal lover and loves Kitty Kat as much as we do, Kitty Kat will sit and wait for him most mornings if it is not cold or wet - always looking forward to a small cat treat and a chin tickle.

Kitty Kat has never bought in any gifts such as birds or mice and never tries to catch them, she will sit patiently on her garden chair and watch the birds fascinated by their antics.

At night she loves jumping onto our bed and curling up to one of us, in the mornings she is always awake and ready for play. We are very lucky that we have good neighbours who will take care of Kitty kat when we go away on holiday, we feel that this is better for her as she feels so comfortable and settled in her own little area.

We feel very fortunate and lucky in having such a wonderful companion and hope she will be with us for many more years.

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