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Our Cat Lucky

From: Pauline Reynolds


Lucky came to us four years ago from a local animal center. She was just a small bundle of fur, miaowing and pawing the small window that separated us at the viewing room in the center. As soon as the window was opened she climbed out onto my shoulder purring all the time. That was it, she had chosen us!

At that time our business was just getting off the ground and we needed orders urgently, we finally got our first major overseas order that very same day and have not looked back since. This is why Lucky has her name.

Lucky is loved by all, and has a very funny way of showing she is upset. She will pounce on our piano and miaow very loudly until someone plays a short tune. Then she will be back to her normal loving self.

Over the last four years Lucky has had many adventures and is also an avid collector of anything that sparkles (just like a Magpie). One day I could not find my engagement ring, I searched everywhere and was very upset that I had lost it. I decided to check all Lucky's favourite resting places just in case she had managed to pick it up, but no luck there.

Three months went by and I had all but given up on finding the ring. One sunny day my Lucky came strolling into the lounge, jumped up onto my lap and dropped my ring from her mouth! I was so stunned! She had found my ring, I had lost it in my garden (the one place I didnot look in). Well, she definitely got a very special treat that day and now I do not mind her habit of stealing anything that glitters.

Pauline Reynolds  

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