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Miss MeMe

From: Patricia Roberts

Miss MeMe

My little female cat "Miss MeMe" is just over 9 years old now. She has been a darling since day one. MeMe is a rescued cat, an unwanted Christmas Gift who was handed into our local animal shelter. At that time I was looking for two cats and was at the shelter when MeMe was brought into the reception area, her little soft miaows had me fascinated and she looked so lost I asked about having her there and then. It was another 10 days before I got the news that I was able to have Meme.

How MeMe got her name? When she first arrived her name was Button, this however, did not suit her. She is a very bossy cat, ordering her humans about with a very confident manner. We just had to rename her to "Miss MeMe" (MeMe for short).

In her nine years with us, she has got lost twice, broken a leg (from jumping off a high tree branch), has been rescued from high trees five times, had quite a few fights with local tomcats and covered herself with flour from a kitchen cabinet. The flour covering was one of the funniest sights I have seen! The day it happened I was out shopping with my daughter, on arriving back home we heard a very stressful miaow from the kitchen. When I entered the kitchen I got such a surprise, at first I thought I had a strange cat in my home! That was until I saw my kitchen cupboard open and flour all over the floor. My beautiful MeMe was absolutely covered in the stuff and she looked so comical with her look of indifference, I could not help but laugh. She was a very cool cat, jumping up onto a kitchen chair and greeting me as if nothing had happened. My first job was to clean her and the kitchen, luckily the flour washed off very easily.

A favourite pastime of MeMe's is to crawl up a person's leg using her claws. As you can imagine this can be a very painful experience. As she has aged this does not happen so often. She loves to be on my shoulder, especially when I am reading or doing household chores, and classical music is a real favourite with her.

Most mornings I awake to MeMe's purrs as she rests close to my head, occasionally I might be awoken by a soft paw tapping on my nose! On one morning I got an awful shock! A live Field Mouse was deposited onto my bed by MeMe as a gift! The next 45 minutes was taken up trying to catch this very fast and agile little creature, once captured the creature was released back out into the wild.

MeMe has never been one to chase birds, but will sit and watch them for what seems like an age. She will however, chase Squirrels, fortunately the Squirrels are far too fast for her.

I have a close friend who is allergic to cats and can only stay at my home for about thirty minutes, it is so funny when she arrives, MeMe makes a beeline for her as soon as she arrives, thankfully, my friend loves cats.

When MeMe was very young we thought we had lost her for good, she didnot have access to the outdoors then and we could not find her anywhere in our home. I called my neighbour who helped me to search for MeMe, well we searched and searched with no luck. By now I was getting very worried and concerned when suddenly we both heard a soft miaow coming from one of my houseplants - and there was Meme wrapped arond the base of the "spider" plant, I have never felt so relieved and happy at the same time! Well that's my MeMe, a very happy and contented little cat.

Patricia Roberts  

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