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My Feline Friend Mew-Mew

From: Katherine Johnson


In my younger years I was always a dog person. It wasn't that I didn't like cats, I love all animals. In 1997 I moved from America back to Britain, I rented a two-bedroomed flat. I wanted a pet with me and could not decide on what type, then a friend came to me with a plea for help. A three year old black female cat was in desperate need of a loving home - I went to see the female who was named Kiki. Kiki immediately came over to me, purring and being very friendly, I didnot have to think twice about giving her a home - I thought at the time that it was me who had been chosen by Kiki!

After a couple of weeks I just had to rename Kiki to Mew-Mew, she was such a chatterbox. She settled in very quickly and soon had a comfy spot that she considered hers. I have a full-length mirror in my bathroom, when Mew-Mew first went into the bathroom she was totally confused! I laughed so much by her reaction to this seemingly strange cat in the mirror, she went over to the mirror and tried sniffing this cool stranger - she sat touching the mirror and licked the reflection and started to purr. Since that day she has gone into the bathroom everyday to greet her reflective friend, she will sit there and miaow away for at least twenty minutes to her friend who I have called "twinny".

After living with Mew-Mew now for two and a half years I can honestly say that I wish I had taken a cat as a pet much earlier in my life. Mew-Mew has access to the outdoors and is always there at the backdoor ready to greet me whenever I am returning home. I have had one gift so far from Mew-Mew, an unfortunate pidgeon which I accepted, I quietly disposed of the dead bird. Mew-Mew is very territorial about her back garden, "woe betide" any strange cat that dares to enter her domain. She does allow one cat into her garden, a lovely multi-coloured male tomcat named "Poppin" who she adores. Poppin is owned by a neighbour who explained the odd name, he, Poppin is always popping into other people's homes for extra care and attention.

In 1998 I had a very bad infection which kept me indoors for 3 weeks, Mew-Mew seemed to sense that there was something wrong and became very close to me. She would follow me everywhere in the flat, even to the front door when anybody knocked it (something she had never done before). I very much appreciated the attention that I got from Mew-Mew which I am sure helped me more than I can imagine. I am very happy with my feline friend Mew-Mew and would not change her for anything.

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